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Sign up for the submissive playground for an enlightening journey. You can expect to be guided on this journey by Mr. Sexsmith, an incredible experienced dominant, and a group of kinky peers. The playground will offer you a place to explore your submission, an opportunity to find areas to growth and a chance to stretch your mind.

Slave, sub, bottom, brat?

What kind of s-type are you?
The playground is all about introspection and learning more about your beautiful subby self.
Take the quiz and find out which submissive archetype fits you best.
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What's this all about? Mr. Sexsmith explains!

What was your favorite part of the course?

I loved the experiments and the journals. The experiments were well thought-out--easily adjustable, but still stimulating and challenging no matter one's circumstances! -E.
The submissive journals!!! So so good. Really fantastic prompts and questions and they really helped me understand my desires SO much better. This course instigated a deepening and expanding of the awesome connection I have with my dominant. -EG
the course is structured so that one doesn't have to be in a D/s relationship (or any relationship) for it to work, that there are great readings & videos & discussions, that the homework is both thoughtful and dirty and consequently some of the *funnest* homework anybody's ever given me. -Kat

Yes, but I have a few questions first!

What’s an s-type?

An “S-type” is an umbrella term for bottoms, submissives, slaves, and other types of identity on that side of the power equation. People use many words to identify that side of the relationship, so “s-type” is a catch-all term that includes everybody. S-types can be active, receptive, stone, servicey, sluts, have negotiated their own needs, or be seeking to give over every aspect of themselves to another’s authority. There are many ways to be and embody an s-type—and that’s exactly what this course will be exploring. Wherever you are in your s-type journey, this course will help you elevate your pursuit to a new level.

Do I have to be in a relationship to do this course? Or, Do I have to be single to do this course?

No. You don’t have to be in a relationship, nor do you have to be single. The Submissive Playground will not involve any personal, intimate sexual encounters, but it will include exercises to play with your own sexuality in submissive ways. If you have a partner, it is best that your partner is on board with you doing some submissive explorations in the ways that best serve you. If you are in some sort of D/s or power dynamic, contact me and let’s discuss it further.

What do you mean by submissive?

“Are you referring to people who are bottoms in the BDSM scene, or to people who like to be psychologically dominated and told what to do?”
Yes, both or either. This course is designed to help you determine what kind of s-type you are, and what types of submissive activities are best suited to you. If you already know, then this course will contain ways to take your submission farther, in whatever path you’re on. The exercises are suitable for both submissives who want to be physically dominated in a kink/BDSM type of use of the word, and for submissives who want to be in strong power dynamics and be controlled (all or some of the time).

I want to sign up, but I’m broke. Is there a sliding scale?

Yes! There is a Broke Ass Package that is access to the materials, but without any bells & whistles that the Star Package and Fancy Package have. The Broke Ass Package will get you access to all the course materials, including the video Q&A sessions, the assignments, the Sandbox message board to discuss the assignments and materials with other Players, erotica and theory to read, dirty videos to watch, and a track-your-progress chart. If this Broke Ass Package is still too expensive for you, but you really want to attend, email Mr. Sexsmith and let’s see if we can work something out.

I can’t make one of the video Q&A sessions, will they be available later?

Yes. The video sessions will be recorded and available on the website for download the day after the session.

Will you make me do things I don’t want to do?

No! Absolutely not. All things will be done within your consent and comfort levels, and you have full choice in participation in any experiments or experiences. (You’ll have to, as it’s all done remotely.) The idea here is for you to get a better idea of precisely what you like best, so it’s of no use to do the things you already know you dislike. There will be many opportunities for customization and many places where your input will be key, so you get to do exactly the kinds of things you like. If you want things extra tailored, you can always sign up for the Fancy Package and meet with Sinclair for one on one domination sessions once a week thorughout the course.

I’m a switch/dominant/not sure what I am exactly, but I want to explore my submissive side. Can I take this course?

Absolutely. No one is 100% submissive (unless you are; we can discuss that further later). You don’t have to be s-type identified, but for the purposes of this course, you do have to want to explore the submissive streak in you. That’s the part in you that we’ll be playing with. What you do outside of the course, and before and after the course, is up to you.

So, does that mean you’re my dominant?

For the 8 weeks or so of this structure, yes—in a strictly training capacity. All starchart players will be listed under my protection in Fetlife, and all players are welcome to list me as their protector for the duration of the course.

How much time will all the tasks take?

There will be about 2 hours of tasks for every module, plus the 90-minute session with all Players once a week, which you can listen to live and ask questions or download and listen to at your leisure.

As with any good course, if you want to do more than a few hours of tasks, there will be opportunities to expand your submission and practice going deeper. You will get out of this course what you put into it, so the more you put in, the more you will gain.

Is this course online? Do I meet you in person?

The course is completely online, via your computer. You won’t need any fancy software, just your browser for the homework, course materials, and the weekly sessions. If you’d like to join the video chat with Sinclair, you need a video camera or webcam from your computer. If you have one-on-one sessions with Sinclair, those can be done via Skype or Facetime, or over the phone.

What are the dates of the course?

Submissive Playground starts January 31 and runs through March 28, 2014. On January 19, you’ll receive the pre-course materials to get you all signed in and ready for the first module, Bondage, and we’ll go from there. Live reflection video hangouts with everybody will happen on Thursdays and Saturdays:

BONDAGE: Saturday, January 31, 10-11:30am PST / 1-2:30pm EST / 5-6:30pm GMT
DISCIPLINE: Thursday, February 12, 6-7:30pm PST / 9-10:30pm EST
SERVICE: Saturday, February 28, 10-11:30am PST / 1-2:30pm EST / 5-6:30pm GMT
MASOCHISM: Thursday, March 12, 6-7:30pm PST / 9-10:30pm EST
WRAP-UP: Saturday, March 28, 10-11:30am PST / 1-2:30pm EST / 5-6:30pm GMT

Players will receive details on how to call in when they sign up!

I have boundaries for my job / I’m not out as kinky. Can I be anonymous? Do I have to use my legal name in the course?

Yes, you can absolutely be anonymous.

You can choose whatever name and avatar photo that you want to use for the course, and you can choose to give whatever level of identifying information (like where you are in the country, what you do for work) that you feel comfortable with.

I’d prefer you aren’t anonymous to me (sometimes you have to send your legal name in order to pay via Paypal), but I do promise to keep your information completely private.

Email me if you have specific concerns or needs about your privacy in this course, but rest assured that no amount of disclosure is required and we can work together to make sure that you are comfortable with what is shared with others.

Other questions?

Email me and we'll talk.

MENTOR PACKAGE INCLUDES submissive meditation worksheets, sexy tasks & fun homework, kinky erotica to read, free queer porn to watch, submissive journal prompts, weekly all-player phone sessions
Mr. Sexsmith did a wonderful job of making me comfortable. I found the guidance really helpful in identifying opportunities for future growth. I love love loved my session, it was so helpful for me in a lot of ways - getting some really personal discussion and feedback was awesome. Plus it made things more real than just the online interaction. —abby (Individual sessions are included in Star and Mentor packages, but can be added on to any package!) Mentor package

A $1000 value for $650


About the course Dominant

SINCLAIR SEXSMITH is a queer butch leather Daddy who has been pursuing kink since the telnet chatrooms of the mid-1990s. They study sensation from subtle to bold, embodiment in body and pleasure, and combine gender theory with power dynamics for potent psychological play.

Since 2006, they have produced the award-winning website Sugarbutch Chronicles: The Sex, Gender, and Relationship Adventures of a Kinky Queer Butch Top at Contributing to more than twenty anthologies, including five Best Lesbian Erotica editions and Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica, Mr. Sexsmith is the guest editor of Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 and editor of Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica, both from Cleis Press.

Sinclair works full-time as a coach, teacher, and writer. They prefers the pronouns they/them, and live in the San Francisco Bay Area with their boy.

I'd recommend Sinclair's guidance wholeheartedly and I learned a tonne from the other people on the course, too. It's well worth the investment of time and money. - Limnaia

Guest Speakers Include



  • To have lots of loving support on your journey.
  • To be asked tough questions about yourself.
  • To have your buttons pushed.
  • To explore your own inner erotic worlds.
  • To look at what turns you on and gets you off.
  • To do some work.
  • To throw down.
  • To make friends.
  • To find mentors and guidance on this journey.
  • To deepen your path, wherever you are on it.


  • A classroom, or a traditional learning environment.
  • To be chastised for fucking up (unless we negotiate that you want to be chastised)—this will be full of positive reinforcement and strong coaxing and coaching.
  • To feel that this is for “real submissives” and you don’t count—you do.


  • Have better ideas of what to explore next.
  • Say, “That was fun!”
  • Have clearer definitions of how you are submissive.
  • Have a better sense of what turns you on.
  • Have experienced submissive headspace.
  • Be able to run your own D/s experiments with or without a dominant.
  • Be more confident and prepared to search for a Dominant.
  • Be more confident and prepared to actively be submissive in future relationships.

Structure and guidance with room for creativity is the perfect learning environment for me and that's what I got from this course. - Amanda

This course breaks down submission into components and then busts open myths about how it is supposed to work to create space for you to find your true way to be submissive. Sure, you could read a lot of books (and you should!) but there is something about the conversation with others as you all are pondering submission that was really instructive. Meanwhile, Mr. Sexsmith pulls together an impressive list of experts to school you. After you finish, you'll definitely be a more authentic and powerful submissive. And isn't that what you want to be?
—Miss Piggy in SF

Course Summary


module one
In the first module, we’ll focus on everyone’s favorite subjects: kinky sex through bondage, toys, and fetish. You’ll read some dirty stories, watch some dirty videos, and get started on your submissive journals with reflections and ways to delve into your own desires deeper. We'll have a special video just for you from Sinclair and rife with an easy bondage tie, and you’ll also get a special video from rife about leather and kink.



module two
Got a fetish for punishment? Do you like to entice your top to go harder by disobeying? Or does messing up your dominant’s instruction make you quiver? This week, we’ll explore three big pieces of discipline: Protocol, punishment, and obedience. International Master 2011 Liza will join us for a special guest video about the types of punishment, and you’ll keep going with your submissive journal and deepening your personal paths.



module three
For some, service is both a fetish and a “language of love,” a way we express care for other people. We’ll explore domestic service, sexual service, and service in community this week, and get clearer about the ways we express our care and devotion to our partners. International Ms. Bootblack 2011 and queer comic artist switch kd diamond will join us for a special video tutorial on service, including the fine art of leather care.



module four
What’s it like to receive intense sensation? Are there pain processing techniques you can use to be able to take more than you currently can? Guest queer sex media maker and macho slut Tina Horn will join us for a tutorial on spanking and submission. We’ll also start wrapping up the course with talk about MOTIVATION, and International slave 2011 Jody will be our guest for the psychology of submission and how to keep oneself internally driven in a long term relationship.
This class is the tits. You will likely find pieces of yourself that have been hidden for ages. You will be moved by the experiences and stories of your classmates. You will become a better, more conscious sub and human being. BUT even if you don't reach submissive nirvana or realize life changing things about yourself (which you will) you will at the very least get more play. You'd be surprised how invested people will be in your education when your homework is a bunch of filthy, sexy stuff. This class gave me a reason to ask people to play with me which is something I'm normally very shy about. One of the most important lessons I learned is you can't get what you don't ask for!
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Just the basics. Perfect for those on a budget.

  • Access to the kinky tasks, homework, assignments, videos to watch, sexy experiments, erotic stories to read, how-to articles, and submissive meditation worksheets
  • Calls every other week to reflect on each module’s tasks, report your progress, and ask Mr. Sexsmith questions
  • Access to message board to discuss the homework and tasks with other submissives, for continued group feedback, discussion, connection
  • Digital certificate of participation
  • Still not sure? Here's the big full list of features.
An all-around solid package—most popular option! All of the elements in the DIY package, PLUS:

  • Progress tracking on the Star Chart
  • You will receive feedback on your homework assignments & a paper certificate of completion of the course
  • Includes one one-on-one virtual (via Skype or by phone) session with Mr. Sexsmith (valued at $125)
  • limited to 10 participants

  • Still not sure? Here's the big full list of features.
Perfect for those who want more feedback, lots of one-on-one time, and a tailored program. All benefits of the DIY and Star packages, PLUS:

  • Includes 4 virtual one-on-one sessions with Mr. Sexsmith (via Skype or phone; valued at $600) to walk you through the course with extra support and attention
  • A signed letter from Mr. Sexsmith to your future (or present) dominant.
  • Custom made Submissive Playground dog tag at the end of the course
  • limited to 3 participants

  • Still not sure? Here's the big full list of features.

Registration is currently closed, but don't fret! We'll let you know next time the course is available.

I enjoyed my individual session so much. I could see myself scheduling other sessions in the future with Sinclair or Rife. I loved the one-one-one chat, it was informal and a conversation rather than a lecture. I wasn't embarrassed or nervous to ask all the questions I wanted to. I felt like I came out of it with a lot, a lot to think about, talk about with Daddy and explore on my own. This was one of my favorite parts of the course.