Secret Alumni Page for
Submissive Playground 2.0: Summer School

You’ve been a Player before—you know how this goes:

You remember Andrea Zanin’s amazing service video, or that crappy article on Pain Processing (that actually had a few good paragraphs). You are curious what the new guest videos are going to be like (surprise guests TBA!). You LOVED playing in the Sandbox and talking to everybody about your experiences and submission.

And hey, you could do all of the experiments again and still get a ton of new data! You’re in a different place now, maybe you have a different play partner or your own submissive identities have settled in a new way.

But … is it worth it to do the course all over again?


Heck yeah, it is!



Come back to the Submissive Playground! Sinclair is going to make it ridiculously cheap for you to sign up ($50!) as a Broke-Ass Player, and you’ll get to do it all over again, and contribute to the conversation as an alumni this time.


[button-yellow url=”#signup” target=”_self”] Alumni rate: $50! [/button-yellow]


“Fifty bucks! Holy crap that’s cheap!”


Sure is, buckaroo. I want to make it so little that you can’t afford not to participate. Even if you don’t do all the experiments or read and watch the materials, you can come back to the discussions about kink and submission, contribute your experiences from last time around, and encourage new submissives on their journey.


Referral Prize? Why yes there is!

Jealous you didn’t get a dog tag from the first time around? Refer a friend who signs up and tells me you referred them, and you’ll get a Submissive Playground engraved dog tag! You don’t have to be a player to get the dog tag, you just gotta spread the word. (But send ’em to the page, not this—this is special for alumni.)


You know you want to …

Speak up on the all-player video chats!
Do new and improved experiments!
Do the homework you missed last time!
Add one-on-one sessions with Mr. Sexsmith!


What else is new in 2.0: Summer School?


[callout title=”Video Chats!”] Instead of phone calls, we’ll be using Spreecast, an online interactive video tool where you can watch Sinclair as they take you through the submissive meditation, the debrief about last week, and the information for the next module. But this time, you can interact through a chatbox on the side, talking to other Players or with Sinclair; you can ask a question through chat, or you can even jump on camera LIVE and video chat with Sinclair! [/callout]

[callout title=”New Days & Times”]
Not everybody could make the calls last time, so I’m adding a Saturday option for two of the calls. Hopefully that’ll help the folks across the pond from Sinclair be able to participate!

This time, live video chats will happen on Thursdays and Saturdays:

  • Meet & Greet and BONDAGE
    Thursday, July 3, 6-7:30pm PST / 9-10:30pm EST

  • Bondage review & DISCIPLINE
    Saturday, July 19, 10-11:30am PST / 1-2:30pm EST / 5-6:30pm GMT

  • Discipline review & SERVICE
    Thursday, July 31 6-7:30pm PST / 9-10:30pm EST

  • Service review & MASOCHISM
    Saturday, August 16, 10-11:30am PST / 1-2:30pm EST / 5-6:30pm GMT

  • Masochism review & CLOSURE
    Thursday, August 28 6-7:30pm PST / 9-10:30pm EST


[one_half_last] [callout title=”New Guest Videos”]
Not all of these guests are 100% confirmed yet, but because you’re an alumni, you get to know first …

  • LEE HARRINGTON! Bondage expert, sacred kinkster, and experienced switch will tell us 10 things he wish he knew as a bondage bottom
  • MADISON YOUNG! Bondage submissive, feminist porn pioneer, and pervert girl next door
  • SHIRIS! You might remember her from the first Submissive Playground; she is an experienced sub in a long term relationship, and she loves masochism.
  • SEJAY! Service submissive extraordinaire, prepare to be wowed by Sejay’s video on service
  • UNSPEAKABLE AXE! Interviewer from the Masocast, Axe is off getting married to his badass dominant right now, but when he gets back, he promises to listen to my proposal.
  • TILLIE KING! She is a BDSM educator and smartypants, and her class on pain processing is well renowned. She’ll be compressing that class into a 10-minute video for us!

[callout title=”Sessions for CHEAP”] Want to meet up with Mr. Sexsmith online and talk about your experiences? You bet. You get the special $100 Submissive Playground rate for processing, experiment support, relationship troubleshooting, or domination sessions. [/callout]



Sign up right now!


But wait, there’s more …

What’s that? You were Broke Ass last time, but this time you want to get the feedback on your homework and have a session with Sinclair? Or you were a Star last time, but this time you want Sinclair to be your acting dominant throughout the whole course and give you individual assignments? WHY YES YOU CAN have an alumni rate for the Star or Fancy packages!

But you should still sign up now! There are a limited number of Star & Fancy Player spots!

Broke Ass Alumni

Star Alumni

Fancy Alumni




Don’t remember what all the packages had? Here’s the whole big breakdown of sessions, dog tags, certificates of completion, and other perks.


But seriously, you guyz …


I’m being all flippant describing the amazeballs amount of things, new and old, that you get to explore by attending, but the real reason I want you in the course is because I loved playing with you before.

Plus, one of my secret agendas in doing these courses is to encourage submissives to learn from each other and connect with other submissives. It’s kind of amazing how isolated we can all be, even if we are very experienced and involved in kink/fetish/queer/BDSM communities.

So come join us.

Even if you don’t do every single assignment, you’ll have access to the materials. You’ll have access to the Sandbox and a cohort of submissives to share your experiences with. You’ll get to see the new materials (!! I’m so excited!!) and the refined experiments. You’ll get sessions with Sinclair at the discounted rate.

Come play!