Unit 1: Experiment

This experiment is to bind your wrists and/or ankles for at least fifteen minutes. Below are three suggestions for how to do it. Feel free to adapt the instructions depending on your situation, or to negotiate play with someone before, during, or after your bondage.

  • Level one Bind your ankles to a chair when you do your coursework this week. Use the easy hanky tie that Sinclair showed in the video. (Make sure you leave easily untieable knots, not inescapable knots, and have scissors handy just in case. Be safe!)
  • Level two Negotiate with someone else to tie your wrists and/or ankles. Optional: negotiate a scene to do once you are tied, or they can simply tie you and let you do your Submissive Playground coursework, or meditate, or let you squirm spread-eagle on the bed for a short period of time.
  • Level three Negotiate a scene with someone else where your wrists and ankles are bound. Ideas: spread-eagle, hogtie, wrist-to-ankles. Make sure you experiment with something you’ve never done before: suspension bondage, or sensory deprivation, or double penetration—or maybe negotiating with someone to tie you up is new enough. Whatever it is, make sure it’s a combination new to you.