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Interested in deepening your ability to submit? Come join the Submissive Playground! register by Sept 18th #subplay

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Sinclair Sexsmith is offering an ecourse for submissives! Four units exploring different aspects of submission: bondage, discipline, service, and masochism. Submissive Playground registration is open—check it out:

Want to hone your skills as a submissive within a queer context, and connect your queer identity with your kinky identity? Come play! #subplay

Need a deepening and expanding of the awesome connection you have with your dominant? Come join the Submissive Playground ecourse for lots of sexy submissive experiment ideas to try out.

Submissive Playground! You don’t have to be in a D/s relationship to play—there are readings & videos & discussions, and the homework is “both thoughtful and dirty and consequently some of the *funnest* homework anybody’s ever given me,” says Kat.

“I recommend Sinclair’s guidance wholeheartedly! You’ll learn from the other people on the course, too. It’s well worth the investment of time and money.”

“Sign up for the submissive playground for an enlightening journey. You can expect to be guided on this journey by Mr. Sexsmith, an incredible experienced dominate and a group of kinky peers. The playground will offer you a place to explore your submission, an opportunity to find areas to growth and a chance to stretch your mind.”


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Submissive Playground is an online course with five live calls, eight weeks of creative, sexy explorations, and four learning modules—Bondage, Discipline, Service, and Masochism—all with the goal to take your submission deeper. And, you’ll get to explore it in community, making friends with other s-types through the course, and learning from each other. The entire course is online, and done within your own levels of comfort. Registration is open at





Submissive Starter Kit

Free download that has some examples from the course.


Download the Submissive Starter Kit so you can deepen your experience now.