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DIY Package
Str Package
Mentor Package




Kinky tasks, assignments, videos to watch, erotica and/or essays to read, sexy experiments, and submissive meditation worksheets
Calls every other week to reflect on each module’s tasks and ask Mr. Sexsmith questions
Access to message board to discuss the homework and tasks with other submissives, for continued group feedback, discussion, connection
Certificate of participation Digital Paper copy mailed to you Paper copy mailed to you
Track your progress
Add Sinclair as your Guardian on Fetlife
Sinclair will add you as under their protection on Fetlife
Features on the Star Chart
Will receive feedback on their assignments
One-on-one sessions with Mr. Sexsmith directly via Skype (valued at $150 each) One session Sessions every other week (four total)
A signed letter from Mr. Sexsmith to their future (or present) dominant
Custom made Submissive Playground dog tags at the end of the course
Number of slots available Unlimited 10 3






Star Mentor

Special Arrangements?

Email me and we’ll talk.

Some of the fine print …

Payment Plan

If you need some space to make payments in full, contact and discuss it with Mr. Sexsmith.

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be given after July 3th, when the course modules start. If you see the initial course materials and the pre-course worksheets and decide it’s not for you, we will make arrangements.

The course materials will be live and accessible for participants for at least 90 days, and you will receive notice before your access will be removed.

You must be at least 18 years old.

Sorry. Folks under 18 absolutely have a right to power play and self-explorations too, unfortunately it becomes a legal grey area and subjects us to possible difficulty that is waaay beyond our realms. Check out Scarleteen, and come back after you’re 18.

All copyright belongs to the respective authors

The only content that Submissive Playground and Sinclair Sexsmith own is that which they created. All other content (video, stories, PDFs, etc) are produced here with permission of the authors and is not for profit, but for educational and sharing purposes. Please go support these great artists and teachers if you like them!

Privacy Policy

All the information provided to Submissive Playground for the purposes of this course will not be sold or reproduced online without your explicit consent. It remains your private content.

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