Submissive Playground Syllabus

Course Summary


unit one
The Bondage unit sets up the pattern for the entirety of the course: consuming guest videos, articles, and other materials, then doing your own experiment on the subject at hand, then filling out your homework worksheet and (if you are a Star or Mentor player) turning it in to Mr. Sexsmith.



unit two
Got a fetish for punishment? Do you like to entice your top to go harder by disobeying? Or does messing up your dominant’s instruction make you quiver? This week, we’ll explore three big pieces of discipline: Protocol, punishment, and obedience. What are your motivations for serving your dominant? What keeps you inspired to stay in your position?



unit three
For some, service is both a fetish and a “language of love,” a way we express care for other people. We’ll explore domestic service, sexual service, and service in community this week, and get clearer about the ways we express our care and devotion to our partners.



unit four
What’s it like to receive intense sensation? Are there pain processing techniques you can use to be able to take more than you currently can? We’ll explore various sides of receiving masochistic sensation, and explore further ways to continue your submissive studies after the course ends.


Breakdown of Submissive Playground materials

Each unit has two weeks between it to consume as many of the materials as possible, do the experiment, and fill out the homework worksheet.


  • Read the Protocol document
  • Fill out the Foreplay & Negotiations questionnaire
  • Introduce yourself in the Sandbox (the course message board)
  • Sign up for the webinar service
  • Determine your course folder
  • Determine your course object
  • Watch Maisha Aza’s guest video on submissive stereotypes
  • Take the What Kind of S-Type Are You? Quiz



  • Read “Tart Cherry” erotica by Kathleen Delaney-Adams
  • Read “Self Bondage” by david stein
  • Watch Lee Harrington’s “10 Things I Wish I Knew as a Bondage Bottom”
  • Watch Madison Young’s tips for bondage
  • Watch Mx. Sexsmith’s demo of a simple bondage tie
  • Do the experiment!

  • Do your submissive journal homework
  • BONUS: Fill out the BDSM Checklist
  • BONUS: video by rife about getting more kinky play



  • Watch the guest video from International Master 2011, Liza, on the types of punishments
  • Watch the guest video from International slave 2011, Jody, on what motivates us to submit
  • Watch the guest video from Princess Kali on training and discipline
  • Watch a short video of SkinDiamond practicing the slave positions, and
  • Watch an erotic video with Nina Hartley incorporating some discipline play and positions
  • Read a document describing all the 12 slave positions
  • Read a queer erotic story, “Call Me Sir,” by BB Rydell
  • Do your experiment!

  • Do your submissive journal homework
  • BONUS: A worksheet from the (out of print) book Discipline by Lily Lloyd about making new rules & protocol
  • BONUS: Integrated Life Matrix infographic



  • Watch the guest video from Sejay Chu, professional service sub and experienced switch
  • Watch the guest video from rife on cultivating a service mindset for more joy and less resentment
  • Watch the guest video from feminist queer master Andrea Zanin on receiving service
  • Watch the guest video from International Ms Bootblack 2009 kd diamond on bootblacking and other service skills
  • Read an excerpt from “Real Service” by Joshua Tenpenny on motivations
  • Do your experiment!

  • Do your submissive journal homework
  • BONUS: Take the Lust Languages quiz and ponder the ways you express and best receive lust
  • BONUS: A porn poker scene from Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 2



  • Watch the guest video from Tina Horn, queer porn star, about spanking
  • Watch the guest video from Tillie King, switch and BDSM educator, on pain processing
  • Watch the guest video from Midori, on masochism
  • Watch the guest video from Axe, about being more attractive to your dominant
  • Listen to the interview with shiris about masochism and pain processing
  • Watch the short video “Impact” by Mollena Williams for fun
  • Read an erotic story with a cathartic pain scene called “Lost River” by Jeff Mann
  • Do your experiment!

  • Do your submissive journal homework
  • BONUS: Theory article, “Pleasure Not Panic: The Art of Processing Pain” by Joseph W. Bean


  • Fill out the Aftercare worksheet
  • Say thank you to a course guest contributor
  • Book any remaining sessions you’d like to have
  • Further reading & resources PDF
  • BONUS: Wrap up any threads in the Sandbox
  • BONUS: Download any course materials you’d like for further study
  • BONUS: Join our Fetlife group for graduates
  • Update your submissive resume with your new training and anything else you’ve learned