Are you ready?

Sub space: that floaty-free feeling that anything is possible where your body hums and quivers, where you can take more than you think you can, where your fantasies become real.

Do you have enough sub space in your life?


Submissive Playground is four weeks of creative, sexy explorations to take your submission deeper.

Under the guidance and dominance of Sinclair Sexsmith—author of, experienced dominant, and Sacred Intimate—this experience will give you the equipment and safe playground you need to take whatever submission you have right now to the next level. And, you’ll get to explore it in community, making friends with other s-types through the course, and learning from each other.

Does this sound like you?

  • You know you’re submissive, but you’re not sure how to start exploring that without a partner
  • You have had top or dominant partners, and they were awesome, but you want … more. More … something.
  • You are eager to continue developing your sexual, submissive, service-oriented self regardless of where you are in a relationship
  • Your New Year’s resolution is to prioritize your own erotic satisfaction (or just to come more)
  • You have always wanted to satisfy your submission
  • You sometimes feel like your hunger for sex and kinky play is unquenchable
  • You always focus so much on your partner’s pleasure, and you want to develop your own
  • You’re a top who’s been wanting to explore your submissive side, and you want a safe place to do some simple experiments
  • You are a happy out-and-proud submissive, but you live somewhere with no kinky community

Sinclair will: Use your body. Alter your body to their liking. Give you opportunities to practice service. Encourage your deepest fantasies. Make requests on your time. Encourage you. Give you feedback.

You will: Get off. Read dirty stories. Watch dirty videos. Do experiments and find out what kind of submission you really, really like. Let your deep fantasies come out to play.


Submissive Playground includes:

  • Weekly kinky tasks, assignments, sexy experiments, and submissive meditation worksheets
  • Weekly sessions to reflect on each module’s tasks and ask Mr. Sexsmith questions
  • Access to the Playground message board to discuss the homework and tasks with other submissives, for continued group feedback, discussion, and connection

This is not a workshop or a series of teachings or a class. This is more of an obstacle course, a ROPES course, an experiential place for you to bring your submission and try on all sorts of new ways to serve and play.

Each week, Submissive Playground will explore a new aspect of your submission, with tasks, games, and kinky meditations to get you thinking deeply and turned on.


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Registration will open December 7th.

Registration ends January 1st.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to sign up, but I’m broke. Is there a sliding scale?
Yes! There is a Broke Ass Package that is access to the materials, but without any bells & whistles that the Average Awesome Package and Fancy Package have. The Broke Ass Package will get you access to all the course materials, including the weekly sessions,

I can’t make one of the live sessions, will they be available later?
Yes. The live sessions will be recorded and available on the website for download the day after the session.

Will you make me do things I don’t want to do?
No! Absolutely not. All things will be done within your consent and comfort levels, and you have full choice in participation in any experiments or experiences. (You’ll have to, as it’s all done remotely.) The idea here is for you to get a better idea of precisely what you like best, so it’s of no use to do the things you already know you dislike. There will be many opportunities for customization and many places where your input will be key, so you get to do exactly the kinds of things you like. If you want things extra tailored, you can always sign up for the Fancy Package and meet with Sinclair for one on one domination sessions once a week thorughout the course.

I’m a switch/dominant/not sure what I am exactly, but I want to explore my submissive side. Can I take this course?
Absolutely. No one is 100% submissive. You don’t have to be s-type identified, but for the purposes of this course, you do have to want to explore the submissive streak in you. That’s the part in you that we’ll be playing with. What you do outside of the course, and before and after the course, is up to you.

What if I’m in a relationship?
The Submissive Playground will not involve any personal, intimate sexual encounters, but it will include exercises to play with your own sexuality in submissive ways. If you have a partner, it is best that your partner is on board with you doing some submissive explorations in the ways that best serve you. If you are in some sort of D/s or power dynamic, contact and let’s discuss it further.